Monday, October 01, 2007

Back in chaos

Not exactly. It has been almost two weeks since my return from tropical Cebu. From the relaxed attitude, day in and day out, creative juice flowing kinda existence in that southern paradise, I am back in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

The first week was spent adjusting my in-laws' house to our existence as a family. Alisa never got tired of re-arranging the things, and she was especially thankful that I was around to help. She had a very, very difficult time when work started for her while I was still in Cebu, since she had to tutor our son and at the same time, have enough energy to do the nighttime shift. Therefore, one of the first things I did upon arrival was to cook my son's baon for school :).

I had planned to do several, simultaneous rackets upon my return. I am used to this kind of life before -- when literally I had asked friends for "something" to do -- a magazine to design, an article to write, a gig to play, a concert to go to. In the past, there was just time to burn, and nothing else. Money was scarce then, but money wasn't the center of attention (even now, I'm proud to say).

Alisa says she's proud of all the things I am doing. I say, you know what? There's this palpable difference between then and now, despite having the same hectic schedules and the all the task-juggling.

There is this sense of fulfillment.

I go home to the beckon of my son, always asking, where am I? Am I on my way home? How far am I? What exact time will I arrive home?

Tired and dizzy, I am energized whenever he calls out, "Daddy," and asks another question. Alisa says he is not that talkative with his biological father. I am thankful, then.

Very, very thankful.

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Paeng said...

gusto ko nang umalis ng Maynila. parang gusto kong lumipat sa Davao.