Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Certain Sadness

a certain sadness burns through my eyes.
a whimpering sadness, a child ignored.

the child sits in a well-lit corner.
still, shoulders hunched,
arms around each other.
teary-eyed, she looks up to me,
asking silently.

i am apologetic, but i don't speak,
lest i blurt words that won't comfort her
and words that won't lessen my guilt.

she waits for an answer.

i kneel, conscious of my knees
grinding against the concrete floor.
the spotlight shines in her eyes,
reflected in tears
glinting along my eyelids.

my hands are trembling. i reach,
and enclose her in my presence.

i hush her with these words:

"i am sorry. terribly sorry.
to almost forget you
and remember you at the same time."

this is my tribute to you,
my little child,
my poetry ignored.

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