Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the portfolio has begun

i really haven't collected my output since i started tinkering with adobe software (pagemaker was the first, then photoshop, then indesign, then illustrator. just last week, premiere).

see? one really has to learn.

gleaning from the design magazines that litter our office, a graphic designer should be an all-around designer.

aaaargh. but it's exciting. it's like being back in school. and every project becomes a school project... difference is, you get paid while playing with ideas.

you think that's great? oh, of course. but you need aspirin to go with the job.

i digress. i have established a simple online portfolio, Portfolio Escanlar (http://escanlar.blogspot.com). good thing my surname as a blogname was available. think about that!

i'll try to post as many works as possible. i need to shoot the books and magazines i've designed, and i haven't been around that.

good luck to this effort. good luck to me.


elice said...

hey ronald, g here from newslink. stumbled upon your blog. good luck sa round notebook (?) mo and your newfound work. i thought you were with cdn? no matter. kamustahan.

ronald said...

elo, g. thanks for the comment. how's newslink? how many years has it been? dunno.