Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the stupor in my mind

how hard is it to be creative?

i need to have my toxic substances to sustain this toxicity. how come? seems like the levels of nicotine and caffeine that i need to take are now up to stupendous levels.

how hard is it to be creative?

how hard is it to dump your shit every hour, on the hour?

it is that hard -- to be required to dump good o'l quality shit, every hour, on the hour.

do note, though, that i'm not making shit as far as i am concerned, and as far as the company i am with is concerned.

i need to output high-quality, world-class art. not exactly the art that one would find at deviantart.com, but art that, oh, would satisfy the whims and desires of the client, whoever he/she may be.

loading up with graphic design magazines seem to do "some" magic for me, inspiring me with questions as to how something was made.

but basically, it is still damning how to output original art in the midst of all the shit i'm seeing in local commercial design.

the other afternoon, i told my so lovely, lovely wife, Alisa, "i so hate times new roman and arial. there are so many fonts out there, just waiting to be used. the world would be a better place with myriad roman and minion littering streamers and banners."

of course, i told her those words in filipino, bwekbwekbwek.

damn. this afternoon's rain has nothing to remove the stupor in my mind.

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