Friday, June 09, 2006

slow afternoon

slow. things are ever so slow. like snails. they can ever be so slow. like old turtles, who make little progress, make little difference, from young turtles.

time can suddenly move so slow, especially when a second makes so much difference between life and death. or is it just our slow movement, from Point A to Point B, that makes the difference?

Greed is indeed such a monster that it takes our humanity.

Let us grieve for the tenacity of greed that grips us, manifesting itself concretely in the ULTRA tragedy.

Let us grieve for the greed of the Arroyo regime who sucks the life out of the masses with the RVAT, despite having in its coffers billions of dollars in Marcos accounts retrieved from Swiss banks.

Let us grieve for the greed of capitalists who have no ethic for the simple man, except the ethic for the sacred peso/dollar and the sacred profit.

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