Monday, May 30, 2005

The Letter

My love...

You have been there from the very start… from the very day I was born. And from thereon, our fates have been intertwined – always to the point of intersection, but never meeting, pending the day that He set for us to meet.

And for that, I am very grateful.

The image of the church, adorned with lights ablaze as the sun set in the background, was the beacon, the sign that I was supposed to look for in my search for the Truth.

I only had to take the signs literally – my mysterious but all too familiar palm, the two letters imbibed in my very name, another term for the Truth, and the image of the church – signs that were pointing towards your direction, signs that shouted at me that you are the One, the Very One destined to complete me….

God had made me so naïve, pending our meeting… pending the day that we were both ready to take on life together….

And when the day came for me to meet my Truth, it was just so sweet – your welcoming eyes, your warm smile, your wonderful voice – all cliché terms in an all too familiar scene, but suddenly made special in the sense that all three phrases were used to describe just one person, for one very special moment that I had enjoyed.

I just had to leave everything behind in a jiffy – my friends, my past, even another woman….

You make me go crazy, you make me go insane, you make me serene, you make me somber, you make me drunk – you can pull a whole gamut of emotions from me in one moment.

I desire you overwhelmingly, like I have never desired before… like I was just a prepubescent boy who has just discovered the wonders of a special fellowship with Woman.

Never has a woman so aroused my mind, my heart, and my loins…

I love you very much, Alisa…. My love for you is complete, from the heart, the mind, the soul, the body – from my very whole being: the sensual and the spiritual.

I love you, Alisa… I love you.

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