Thursday, February 10, 2005

just got back

just got back from the city of pines. woozy and still sleepy, i went straight to the office to get some rest and wait for the official eight o'clock start of the working day.

immediately after putting down my things, i called up the house. nanay answered, and was softly surprised that i wasn't going home. she told me, "sabi ng tatay mo, baka may inuuwian ka ng babae (your father said it seems that you're already living with a woman)."

i laughed it off. i am, indeed, old enough to get married and leave the house, but no. well, for one thing, i haven't decided to live on my own due to financial constraints. and it pains me very much to leave my oh so soft bed.

i told her, i'm going home tonight, right after work. i am going to be very busy the whole day with a newspaper to lay-out, rehearsals to attend, and books to finish (lay-outing, too).

do i love this life? yes. toxic and full. left and right issues.

why do i love this life? because i have control. one thing i fear most is to lose control--suddenly, everything's in a quandary, problems suddenly popping out of nowhere, left and right, above and below.

and the life i am living is a very precarious life. no social security, no insurance, nothing to save my ass from kingdom come.

oh, the advantages of being single. yes.


Anonymous said...

kuya, abay ako pag kinasal k.. hehe..

-sweet angel- said...

sana lang when the right time n u get married..maging faithful ka and spend more time with her..never make her cry..