Sunday, February 13, 2005

48-hour days

i've noticed that i've been spending 48-hour days. i sleep every two days, so that i can work more and play more and live more.

but then, i think the 48-hour day system is wreaking havoc on MY system.

i tend to be restless, but when i sleep, i sleep deep... and straight for ten hours. ten hours that make up for the supposed-and-required 8-hour sleep for a 24-hour day. for a 48-hour day, that will translate to a supposed-and-required 16 hours of undisturbed sleep.
tonight i was there. i saw his name. i was tempted to ask the tricycle drivers about his house.

i want to kill him. to pull out his intestines and strangle him to death with his own intestines. i want to gouge his eyes, peel the skin off his face, and cut off his genitals. i want to make him swallow his own genitals--putrid with his putrid blood, sinful with his mortal sins.

i have this deep-seated anger that cannot be vanquished with her words. he had violated her. i cannot accept that. i need to see his blood running through my hands, flowing through my fingers.



Anonymous said...

if only i could erase all or even part of the anger eating on you, i would..

if only you'd let me..

ronald said...

thank you very much.

i will really love to allow you to erase all or even part of the anger eating me, but with you being anonymous...

Anonymous said...

it is you, after all
it is you.