Monday, February 07, 2005


to keep one's sanity is a herculean task in the face of today's chaos.

and valentine's day is around the corner. no one to keep me warm on that terrible day. i haven't really discovered the "tremendous" joy of being single.

being a bachelor at this age is not really something to be afraid of. it is just the creeping emptiness... the emptiness that seeps into your bones and locks your soul in a very tight embrace.

empty. void of meaning, of sense.

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bambina said...

ui, kuya! wehehe! "tremendous Joyu" pala ha.. hindi lang pala ako ang senti ngaung feb 14! wahaha! di ba tambay kontra sa 14 tapos inuman sa gabi courtesy of jai! hehe.. ata.. tugtog ata sina ate jaymes dun sa host nila from australia,, then, kain mang jimmty's then, fair.. sama ka? hehe.. or, magpapakasenti nalang? wehehe..