Tuesday, December 07, 2004

cold and rainy christmas

is this supposed to be a sad entry? nope. i just love to watch things falling apart--even the part when i am most affected by things falling apart. if ever i saw a car tumbling towards me, i'd be so dumbstruck and amazed that i'd just stand there, frozen, while everyone screamed.

the weather bureau said it would be a rainy christmas. the people most affected would be those who had suffered the tragedy of landslides and flashfloods in the towns of real, infanta, and general nakar in quezon province.

would i be so affected by the rains? i love it when it rains, as long as floods don't go with it. so far, the MMDA has done a fine job of draining EDSA.

why do i love it when it rains? maybe it's the cold. maybe it's the raindrops pattering by. maybe it's the whole gray scene that reminds me of the end i'd like most to have. i'd like it to rain while i die--seems nature would be blessing me as i depart.

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