Monday, December 06, 2004

ha ha ha

ha ha ha. this life is becoming bleaker by the byte.

i was supposed to go home by nine pm. suddenly, the disk i've just finished defrag showed weird stuff. scanning the disk just gave me more weird stuff. seemed the disk was dying on me.

and the sorry thing is, it's not my disk. it's the disk of my work PC.

i'm not so worried about losing files. good thing, i don't store data with the OS. to make things faster, i even put my program files on another disk.

i am suspecting a virus attack. so far, nothing's showing up on my norton. maybe, it's the bad sectors wreaking havoc. or, the 4Gb disk is simply dying away.

awww.... five persevering years of service can really take its toll, neh?

i'm so befuddled with things. i'm thankful to some extent that this disk resuscitation attempt is taking my mind off things that hours ago were persuading me to launch Armageddon at someone's expense.

someone's expense? what else...

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