Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Earth is changing

The weather has been unusually cold, and those of us who have watched Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" are somehow scratching our heads.

For sure, those who are global warming skeptics are smiling to their ears -- there is no global warming, as shown by this unusual weather.

However, glaciers are still melting, and drought still strikes Africa. Desertification is still ongoing, and super storms are being spawned in the Pacific and the Atlantic.
photo by John LeGear

So, the Earth is changing. Our Earth is changing. Our one and only refuge in this system is changing.

At home, we've "rationed" our water. A big drum of water stands in the bathroom, while another full pail of water sits beside the kitchen sink. This is our way to help the environment, and at the same time, lower our monthly water bill.

From 10 in the evening till 4 the next morning, we shut off the water supply. And then, from 1 in the afternoon to 5 in the afternoon, we also shut the supply off. Well, that's the supposed plan... every now and then we fail to follow the sked.

Though this time around, we're making sure everyone knows the sked. There is more than at stake here than paying lower water bills, although it really helps that in the face of skyrocketing utility bills and food prices, we can still save one to three hundred pesos.

Make sure you do your part. We all live in a single planet. Water is not an irreplaceable resource -- it can be consumed to the last drop.

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