Thursday, January 15, 2009

Al Jazeera releases Gaza videos

Al Jazeera has released its video repository on a Creative Commons license. In their site, they say
We have made available our exclusive Arabic and English video footage from the Gaza Strip produced by our correspondents and crews. The ongoing war and crisis in Gaza, together with the scarcity of news footage available, make this repository a key resource for anyone producing content on the current situation.

The video below is titled War on Gaza Day 19:

The following are notes on the video, as written in the Al Jazeera website:

Segment I:
  • Aftermath of Israeli bombing. Homes in rubbles.
  • Residents and children in rubbles.
  • More of damage to homes caused by Israeli bombing.
  • Residents watching rubbles of their homes.
  • Bulldozer clearing debris.
  • Damaged houses with broken windows and residents collecting their belongings and leaving
  • SOT Abu Antar, one of the resident of the bombed building
Segment II:
  • House of Umm Rami, which is damaged by Israeli bombing.
  • Small children running around
  • CU small girl.
  • Interior of house showing damaged caused by Israeli bombing.
  • Broken asbestos sheets, which were the roof of the house.
  • Small children clearing debris of the house and salvaging their belongings.
  • Mother and children inside damaged house.
  • CU two babies in their mother's lap.
  • Mother (Umm Rami) crying and talking to Jazeera reporter about their plight.
Segment III:
  • Ambulance arriving at Shifa Hospital.
  • Medics moving injured Palestinians to hospital.
  • Private car bringing injured to hospital
  • Small baby on hospital bed with burned face and chest caused by white phosphorus.
  • Mother and child with burns.
  • Severely injured boy on hospital bed, being fed by family.
  • Boy with severe facial burns and body injuries.
  • Sabah Abu Haleema, another victim on hospital bed crying in pain.
  • Family members of the injured in despair.
  • Sabah Abu Haleema, who lost her sons in bombing of their house, talking to Al Jazeera reporter.
Segment IV:
  • Sheikh Ridwan Graveyard which was bombed by Israelis.
  • People in graveyard watching damaged caused to graves by the bombing.
  • People in graveyard covering graves with soil.
  • View of crater in the graveyard caused by Israeli bomb.
  • People repairing graves.
  • Various of damaged caused to graves by Israeli bombing.
  • Interview with a resident living near the bombed cemetery.
Segment V:
  • Warehouse of electricity distribution /transmission company in Gaza.
  • Bomblets still burning.
  • Various of Electrical transformers inside the warehouse.
  • Damaged electrical cables and transformers.
  • Engineers of the electrical department explaining the damaged.
  • Interview with Engineer Majdi Yagi, Incharge of the Electrical store which was targeted.

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