Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting there

I have been following several techie blogs for some time now, and I have realized that none of the blogs I have been following discuss the impact on our environment of the tremendous explosion of electronic devices borne out of Moore's Law. Maybe I haven't read closely, or even between the lines, but not one tech blog has an advocacy tying the ill effects of so much irresponsible technology on the environment.

Maybe it's an oversight on my part, or maybe I just didn't read that many blogs in the Philippine blogosphere. Of course, I am no authority in that aspect, but from my personal surfing experience, I have never read a blog that tackles that specific issue -- of the environmental impact of this explosion of technology.

Environmentalism is no more a fad, just as El Niño, La Niña, severe droughts and snow storms, uncontrollable fires and rising ocean levels are no more than a fad. With the Information Age came the Age of Annihilation. There is only one superpower left, and we all know it's the empire of the United States of America, but rumors of hundreds of nuclear warheads entering the weapons black market persist. And if the database of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency can be hacked, surely the codes to these nuclear warheads is as easy as ABC to enterprising hackers.

Still, nuclear annihilation, though not far-fetched, is a long way-off compared to the environmental upheaval of global proportions we're having right now.

Let me get to the point. I have successfully made three entries in my advocacy blog, Have a Gut!. Go over, and read the three posts regarding guilt-free technology, open source software, and the environment. Thanks go to Paeng for pointing out my "mirroring" of blogs :).

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