Friday, November 09, 2007

Banners high for the Saguisag family

Tragedy has befallen the Saguisag family.

Being a family man myself, the accident that cost Atty. Saguisag the life of his wife made me think about my own relationship with my wife, and how things would be darkly different if all of a sudden she were to go Dulce Saguisag's way.

Life is short, and always we are reminded by the daily deaths that go on public record. However, it is painful to account (an understatement) that many deaths are caused by another man's irresponsibility -- violent deaths due to crime or worse, simple idiocy.

Dulce Saguisag died because of a driver who thought his vehicle of a dump truck was as light as a go-kart and could be stopped immediately by lightly pressing the brakes.

Dulce Saguisag died because of a driver who thought the meaning of traffic lights going from green to red still meant "go."

Dulce Saguisag died because of a driver who the Land Transportation Office (LTO) thought was responsible, intelligent enough to be given a professional driver's license.

I am seething with anger not because it was Atty. Saguisag who lost his wife, but because what happened to him can also happen to me, and I don't want to lie on a hospital bed, to the point of dying, ignorant of the fact that my wife, my lifetime partner, is already gone.

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