Sunday, October 21, 2007

We shall count blue cars

Tell me all your thoughts on God... 'cause I'm on my way to see Him
Counting Blue Cars, Dishwalla

The twenty-four hour window has passed, still, we (the authorities and us all) are clueless as to who was responsible for the Glorietta blast that has claimed ten precious and irreplaceable lives.

I can only weep for the families that lost those ten precious and irreplaceable lives -- weep for the vacuum created by Death, weep for the insensible end that those ten precious and irreplaceable lives were made to meet.

And if those ten precious and irreplaceable lives only knew that they would be on their way to meet God, surely they would have done more than ask our thoughts on God.

This is our undoing as a people, as a civilization -- the Philippines beset with an arrogant society, who bespeak of glory and honor, only to be bound by hands and feet to humongous rocks of corruption and greed. How else can we describe ourselves?

We shall count blue cars on the very rocky path towards true democracy, towards a mature (inexplicably, the government confuses maturity with the word "strong") republic. And as we count, we shall allow ourselves bedeviled by a government that kills its own citizens for its own ends.