Wednesday, August 16, 2006


our accounts officer now knows photoshop 7. so it is with our accounting personnel.

i started working here with a scant knowledge of adobe illustrator. now, i get to choose between adobe indesign and adobe illustrator when making simple calling cards. from illustrator 8, i made the jump to illustrator CS2.

now i know alpha channels, and the use of masks.

from adobe premiere 6.5 to sonic foundry's vegas 3.0.

what? you don't understand me?

i understand.

all in a span of less than a year. add to the to-learn list is macromedia dreamweaver, macromedia flash, CSS, HTML...


see how competitive it is in the design industry? and oh, don't forget time management, the creative process, finance juggling, and the rules of English grammar (plus the nuances between American English and World English).

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