Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Literati In Me

i'm flexing my literary muscles again.

it has been almost a year since i seriously "wrote."

last night, alisa and i had an instant session of gsm blue shaken cold with ponkana powder drink. we had a half-finished long neck then, a remnant of some weeks past. the bottle still isn't empty.

after that session, thoughts got cooking in my mind. sometime after midnight, after washing the dishes and manhandling the laundry, i instantly wrote two poems.

just after one in the morning, i told alisa, "i have written two poems. they're kinda long, though." immediately, she muted the television, and waited for my husky voice to fill the room.

since college, i've been preparing some sort of literary folio. then i learned adobe pagemaker, and started laying down the framework. i had even managed to print a draft layout.

and this seed of a folio has always been waiting to explode through my mind, to see the light of day.

the moment has come. in a few months' time, i will release a folio, in PDF format, for all to see, read, and hopefully, enjoy.

1 comment:

charry said...

hey give us a sample of your poem and release that inner shakespeare of yours! hehe