Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Separation and A Couple of Weddings (Three, Actually)

5:20 PM 9/13/2005

two years ago, i gave myself a deadline. i said, in two years' time, i'd be out on my own, working myself out to support myself.

an act of independence, so to speak.

well, my parents never encroached on my and my brother's independence. they actually encouraged us to decide on our own.

and as the days passed by, without me at the house, i suddenly felt melancholic about the impending separation.

the trauma of the birth, of being outside of the womb, of inhaling the air outside of Mother, and the pain of the cutting of the umbilical cord.

these things are about to happen again, after so many years.


my brother's getting married in less than two months' time. i'll be the best man. whoa! the question is: will i be there? i'll also play a role in my cousin's wedding slated this december. the question again: will i be there?


i'll be in the country's first Spanish city by that time, changing pace, trailblazing my life.

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