Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Broken confidences

During the weekend, I had broken the confidence of a friend. I had surreptitiously barged into their office and took advantage of their DSL internet.

I am about to write a letter of apology to my friend's boss.

This morning, my love told me a disturbing thing. I had given her a copy of a literary folio we did years ago during my stint at Trinity College of Quezon City.

She had taken a fancy on the poetry of Maya Angelou, a very strong woman who wrote fantastic poems of feminine strength.

Surfing the net for Maya Angelou's works, she had stumbled upon a work that resembled a poem that we had published in the folio.

She suspected the most serious sin a writer can commit.


My God. Why now?

After so many years, suddenly my confidences are broken.


Sorry, but I have to take drastic measures.


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