Sunday, January 09, 2005

It is a holiday

against the best wishes of my ever dearest mother, i went to the land of meningococcemia. ah, the coldness of the city of pines, entering my bones and never faltering in its fantastic ability to warm me.

and i am on this odyssey alone. by choice. because, basically, it is my birthday. and it is a holiday. not a national holiday, though (and i wouldn't wish that, since i want to celebrate my birthday in all of its solemnity).

every now and then, though, i'd call home to assure them, i'm still well. he he he. just to insure myself against any possibility of contracting that bacterial disease so shrouded in urban legend, i bought two rifampicin tablets on my way here. most probably, the pharmacies here in the city of pines would have problems stocking that basic anti-TB drug.

we had done an article on the real facts about meningococcemia. it is a deadly disease, alright, but it is very curable and very preventable. just load up on the vitamins, and keep your immune system running on full boost.

ah... i have imagined this day, just like the other days i had when i was here. no problem. it is my birthday, and i am celebrating it with the solemnity of a paradigm shift besetting my mind.

oh. that paradigm shift. i am well on my way to a third decade. just three years away from becoming thirty. uh-oh. i had promised myself to stop all vices by my third decade--like smoking, drinking atomic coffee (one full tablespoon of instant coffee for every cup, and a cup every fifteen minutes--a-hah!), and indulging in sweets.

and i'm also considering turning vegetarian by my third decade.

but hey, why would i want a longer life?

as midnight shoved in a new orbit for my life, she shared a text message with me--still hot from being received.

it is very dangerous to live a very safe life. there will come a time when there will be no friends around to share our memories, basically because we have outlived our friends. so, the message goes, tis better to live "on the edge" than to lead a clean, safe life.

he he.

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Paeng said...

happy birthday, kebs!!! wala akong contact number mo!!! :)

minsan punta tayo Conspiracy. gusto ko dun Monday night, Gary Granada. :p