Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Since October of last year, I've been riding a scooter to get to work. No more hassles at getting (or punching your way) into a jeepney ride. No more one-hour trips from the office to home. And at least I can drop by Shopwise at Libis to buy grocery items.
However, the road I take is not one I take alone. I share the road with so many others, and many of them seem to have been molded from the nincompoop mold.
Although it's no wonder since I ride on Philippine roads, I am still enraged when someone takes my lane, when someone tailgates me, when someone does not know how to practice road etiquette.
Disheartening. Just the simple act of yielding speaks volumes about what kind of society you belong to. And from the experiences I have on the road, clearly, we Filipinos are a bunch of greedy fools.
Of course we have exceptions, as with all societies. There are times when a jeepney driver would wave at me to pass him, or times when someone driving an SUV in an intersection would wave at me to cross first. This has happened several times, and it never fails to elicit a smile from me when that happens.
So, clearly, it is possible to have responsible Filipino drivers. What's stopping us then?

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