Friday, March 06, 2009

FrancisM (1964-2009)

I remember buying Francis Magalona's album (in cassette tape format, decades ago), Meron Akong Ano!, as a gift for my brother. I was in high school then, and my brother, who was still in elementary, did not have the same excitement I had for rap metal.

The album liner was revolutionary for that time: it was not glossy, it was kinda like matte coated but newspapery-like in its texture, like papemelroti stationery.

The tape wound its way again and again in my Panasonic portable cassette player. Eventually, it became a gift for myself.

Did it influence my music? Definitely. The combination of FrancisM's quick tongue and the riffs and slaps of the guitars and the pounding of the cymbals and drums eventually made its way into my rhythm, into how I play.

Last year saw FrancisM's venturing into shirt design, which I promptly saw copied at last Christmas' tiangges in Greenhills and Marikina Riverbanks.

What made FrancisM different from other local rappers?

FrancisM forwarded an agenda, and that is pride in being Filipino. One always sees the Filipino in every FrancisM performance, whether it be the shirt he's wearing or the performance itself.

FrancisM has made his indelible mark in Philippine culture. He will always be remembered.

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siyetehan said...

@ francism tshirts.

nakakalungkot na ang ibang pinoy ay gumagawa ng mga pekeng francism t-shirts at ibinebenta sa masa.

sana naman ay iwasan ang mga ganitong gawain.