Thursday, September 11, 2008

How about lower fares?

And so, tonight, oil prices will again be reduced, and according to reports of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, oil prices have been slashed by as much as PhP 8.50 for gasoline and PhP 6.50 for diesel and kerosene.

Still, fares stand at a minimum of PhP 8.50 -- a very unfair fare considering the lowered oil prices. Added to the commuter's burden is the delay in the Implementing Rules and Regulation of the amended Income Tax Law, which is supposed to "relieve" the common taxpayer.

We have mechanisms for increasing fares... do we have mechanisms, though, for lowering fares?

It is but high time that we be relieved of this tremendous pressure to work more for less income. We are not slaves, we are not carabaos.

I am just dumbfounded by how much b*llshit we can take from this illegal regime. I am really dumbfounded, discombobulated, knowing that the Court of Appeals can be bought, that a government official can easily escape to the United States with millions of pesos tucked away somewhere, knowing that we have a liar as a leader.

How much sh*t are we really willing to take as a people?


Curbside Puppet said...

i agree with this post! although diesel prices has gone down to around P47/liter, it still isn't enough huh? can the government impose oil regulation once again?

ronald said...

prices have gone way, way down... and all we get is 50 centavos only?!?