Saturday, August 30, 2008

Route 28 - The First Long Ride

Just bought a road bike last Monday. The chain unfortunately broke that same night. Anyway, that made an excuse for me to buy a genuine Shimano chain. At least I have a Shimano part lurking in my bike, right?

My route took me from my home in northern Pasig to my parents' home in southern Pasig. The trip totaled almost 12 miles, which roughly translates to 19 kilometers.

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Seem daunting? In the past I was able to ride a mountain bike to Imus, Cavite from Mandaluyong, and back, when the coastal road was still open to all vehicles.

Road biking has been a passion of mine. Maybe it's just my itchy feet, but nothing beats the feeling of air rushing through one's ears as one pedals his/her way.

I also don't want to grow old with aching joints.

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Curbside Puppet said...

i hope more people will use bikes instead of jeepneys. its more environment-friendly. too bad, much pollution turns people off from riding their bikes to work.
too bad as well, i don't know how to ride a bike.