Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some things on my mind

There are some things on my mind right now, and the rains, the pouring rains are just keeping me whoozy. I am planning to cook champorado (by the way, champorado goes best with rains, and I don't like mixing it with tuyo).

My stepson and my niece are laughing heartily in the background, while Alisa takes her time in having her rest. She's feeling sick with all the rains and all the stress that goes with her job, and she has to be strong enough to go to work tonight. I don't know what will champorado do for her, but then again, mixing chocolate with rice is a miracle, a delicious confrontation between the Orient and the Occident.

Christmas has been a very merry one, while the New Year celebrations heralded another new year for new ideas and new friends.

So many ideas are brewing now, so many ideas that need to be born, to be raised, and to be taken for the world to see.

Just this week we bought a magazine's maiden issue, and that maiden issue excited us with competition, with a resolve to do something better with what we had bought (Basically, we bought that magazine out of sheer curiosity).

And of course, time has that fearless job of murking things up. We cannot attend the supposed brainstorming sessions we had scheduled for today due to Alisa's condition, and thus the birth of a very, very exciting idea must wait for another week.

This project will be born, not only due to our sheer determination to make better stuff, but also to deliver to the Fates what they had brought to our very feet in the first place. Oh, abstract as it may sound and as it may read, but giving birth to a very exciting idea gets my adrenaline going. It is just Father Time telling us, make it good while I slow it down.

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