Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Intimacy at Moomai

Moomai is a social networking site currently on beta. The site's a proud product of syndeo::media, a young start-up company. So, being in beta, the network is by invitation only for now.

One idea that sets moomai apart from other social networks is Intimacy, a concept they use in programming the rating system. I, for one, was curious about that Intimacy setting, which you can use to set the level of (what else?) intimacy between you and a friend.

As explained in this entry, Intimacy as a concept has the potential to revolutionize (and i dare say the word) how social networks operate. Friends are real friends, not some face you see and a request to "add" them up to your "friends" list.

Social networks can become real networks, and participation becomes more active, more relevant, rather than the daily bulletin board posting and the chain messages that fill up the inbox.

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