Monday, November 05, 2007

It is all a big fart, says the PNP

Based from what our national security agencies believe (the Philippine National Police and even the National Bureau of Investigation), what happened at Glorietta 2 can happen at our very own primitive homes.

Imagine heeding the call of Mother Nature, then suddenly a huge explosion rips you apart, rips your whole toilet apart, rips your whole house apart, because of the methane buildup in your humble poso negro.

Considering that most of us do not even install wastewater treatment facilities at the municipal and city levels, imagine the number of explosions that would tear the metropolis apart, all from the humongous methane buildup that will catch all of us unaware.

And I am very sure that with the PNP's pronouncement, the Malabanan empire will have its hands full (eewwww!) sucking and draining all the poso negro facilities in the metropolis to avert the inevitable mind-numbing fart bombs, the lethal methane explosions that will tear all our Mariwasa-branded thrones apart.

So, after all the drama and the weeping, is the government saying that it was just a very, very, very big FART that had caused all of those deaths, physical and otherwise?

How intelligent.


Paeng said...


Ang ganda, napakagraphic ng description. :)

ronald said...

salamat, salamat... nagkaroon kasi kami ng diskusyon kanina ng bisor ko tungkol sa utot. naisip ko tuloy ang glorietta. sabi ng kasama niya, "maniniwala ka bang tae bomb iyun?"

tae bomb?!

rem said...

basta usapang utot expert ka talaga badi! :)

ronald said...

ahhh.. the farting experience. what can compare with that?!