Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Defacing The Truth

Although I really do believe that the National Press Club (NPC) is one historical institution, it is with difficulty to say that they can have an ounce of my respect.

The recent hullabaloo with the mural they had commissioned is only symptomatic of what the NPC really is, or what composes the NPC today.

And to call lowly artists as "ingrates," as described in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, reeks of arrogance.

What else can be said about what they did, defacing a work of art? Collectors of paintings pay millions of dollars for an artwork, but for the love of art, never did any of them (as much as I know of) vandalized the artwork they bought. Have you seen a Van Gogh painting with the name of its owner written on it?

Only one thing is clear, outrageously clear, disgustingly clear, frustratingly clear -- they were trying to please the heck of a human who had unveiled that monster of a censored mural.

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Paeng said...

ingates?! porke binayaran nila pakiramdam nila may utang na loob dapat ang mga artist sa kanila?