Monday, August 13, 2007


WARNING! Mushy entry follows...

Although full of ironies, Depeche Mode's "Somebody" is still a very
popular love song. The radio just played it, and kinda made me think
about how we look for and why we look for love, for that "somebody."

Despite men and women finding each others' arms, inevitably majority of
those who had found their "somebodies" eventually part ways, finding in
the long run that the one they had found wasn't really the one they had
been looking for in the first place (kinda roundabout,
beating-around-the-bush type of reasoning, eh?)

So, here's the mushy part: I am fortunate enough to have found my
"somebody," and the lyrics of the song almost fit to a T in describing
the relationship I have with the woman I have vowed to spend my life with.

I love her very, very, very much.

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