Monday, July 09, 2007

mortality and immortality

a poet passed away yesterday. i do not know why she took the easy way out, but in these difficult times, the easiest way out is the hardest way to comprehend.

i do not know Ana Escalante Neri personally, but i've read her works in SunStar Cebu, and the occasional times i passed by her works online. this morning, though, suddenly i felt this connection with her, and i a tear threatened to escape from my left tear duct.

a friend served as the harbinger of her death.

just last night, i had finished reading Illusions by Richard Bach, the same guy who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The novel tells the story of a reluctant Messiah, who in turn, transforms another gypsy flier into a Messiah.

We ought to transcend these mortal remains, of the illusions being imposed by what we think to be reality. It is difficult to understand why someone as young as Ana, as creative as she is, to take the easy way out of these stupid illusions.

We who remain here are of course saddened by her sudden departure. However, we also ought to see the other side of the coin: she is now free of her mortality, she is now unbound by her physical limitations. surely, she now has immortality secured.

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metaphysicalpickles said...

I knew Ana, in a way. And I know she lives on, in a way.