Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We can’t seem to find a way to fight off this menace that imposes its unfounded authority on us.

Why is it? To what unseen, unexplained, unbelievable sickness have we succumbed?

The violence this election season is so mind-boggling. The COMELEC, the armed forces and the police seems to have no power whatsoever to stop those unseen, trigger-happy hands. God help us in condemning those fools (the powers-that-be, and their gun-wielding idiots) to the abysmal depths of Hell.

This country is definitely, and unbelievably, sickening. For what can we be proud of as a people? People Power? That was ages ago. Manny Pacquiao? Yeah, as if boxing with lotsa advertisements weren’t enough for him.

We as a people should be proud if we have our pride in the first place. However, we have no pride as I speak, considering the unfaltering count of killings that take place around the country, from the rural streets to the urban jungles. We have an unelected president who has surrounded herself with retired generals posing as civilian Cabinet secretaries. We have honorable, bemedalled soldiers languishing behind bars. We have dishonorable former government officials running for elective posts. We have a former president, morally ascendant over all her predecessors, being wiretapped for unknown reasons.

This country is no longer funny. We have all these paradoxes, and they are not at all funny.

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