Monday, March 05, 2007

Take Up Arms

They like to push the weak around.
"Deer Dance," System of a Down

Does it really take the brains of an idiot to wonder out loud why simple peasants will take up arms against this farce of a government?

Why would someone already burdened by the hard life of farming seek redress by pursuing the harsher conditions of guerrilla life?


Can the government, in all its wisdom, know why?

Or will the government just blame the insurgency problem, the influence of communists, the rebels?

Fuck that crap. Fuck that shit. Will the government really care? Of course, they don’t. They won’t. They have privatized almost every basic social service. They have made it possible for Filipinos to buy mineral water instead of enjoying the free natural water resources of our very rich country. They have made it possible for the country to have the highest power rates in Southeast Asia despite the number of active volcanoes in the country, despite the number of river systems and waterfalls, despite the number of super typhoons that visit us every year.

Try to imagine, because I simply cannot in the midst of my rage. They have even deployed soldiers in the slum areas of the metropolis. How low can this government get? How dare they instill fear among people who have sought the relative safety of the capital region far from the maddening militarization of the countryside?

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