Monday, October 02, 2006

i need to cry

The lines haven't appeared though. A couple of lines that literally drew up our fate, that literally changed lives as they spun around one's world.

Alisa says this is so likely for a girl. Subtle, silent, but will make her presence felt.

My fingers were still crossed that afternoon as I sat in our bathroom washing dishes. I don't remember exactly if I were washing dishes, but I'm quite sure I was washing something.

Then she entered that narrow room, and announced something I've been wanting to hear for days.

“Mahal, buntis ako!”

I could have wept that moment. I didn't have the strength to shout, to yell, to scream in joy – I had been exhausted by the wait, I had been tired, fatigued by the frustration of all these years of having no sense of direction.

It was a breathe of fresh air. It was an injection of fresh blood supply into my system. It was a respirator-full of pure oxygen being slammed before my mouth, before my nostrils.

We haven't bought a new home pregnancy test kit, but I will surely buy one when payday comes. And definitely, we'll need to see a doctor this weekend.

Good luck to this life. I so want to cry right now. Thank God.

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Anonymous said...

grabe, congrats.