Monday, February 27, 2006


what else can i say?

what's happening to the country is truly sickening -- the outright lies, the outright mangling of democracy, the outright suppression of citizen rights for the sake of an illegitimate government.

where else can a military officer ask for relief on a Sunday, in the midst of a red alert, in the midst of a so called security crisis gripping the state?

where else can a ranking military officer, who hold command over an elite unit of the armed forces, ask for relief and be given such within hours of his request?

where else can you find a state that continuously fabricates lies, and puts a premium on its preservation rather than the recognition of the suffering of its citizens?

this is sickening. i've left manila for peace, for prosperity, for progress, for my mind and my soul.

but being a filipino, being a nationalist in heart and mind, i am sickened. just a few months ago, i wrote an article about incidents that harken back to Martial Law, the very memories of which we, as a people, are still trying to erase.

but is our collective memory really that fluid, really that tragic, as the writer F. Sionil Jose sadly noted?


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