Saturday, October 22, 2005


yeah. i was walking the other day on the side of the street where dogs where supposed to pee. and when i saw a dog peeing, i quickly shooed it away, only to suprise myself when the dog stood up and walked up to me.

yeah. he asked me (i knew he was a male dog, since his scrotum was dangling this way left and right), "what's your problem, kid?"

yeah. he had called me a kid.

yeah. i sat down, and listened to wolfgang sing "sanctified" on my altec lansing PC speakers. "I WILL BE, YEAH, SANCTIFIED..."

yeah, watch out, you doggie. i'm gonna spank your behind while i'm behind you.

yeah, i laughed. some postmodern discourse spilled out from my esteemed colleague from pasig about whatever the hell we were looking at, especially during saturdays at megamall. especially during their sales storms, when all of the shaw-EDSA intersection would be flooded with kids, women, salesladies, salesgentlemen.

yeah. a load of beds were being sold the other day infront of the store.

yeah. coffee and cream, makes sense to me, especially now that i'm lactose-tolerant. how i love milk, especially cow's milk.

yeah. weird carabao's milk.

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