Thursday, September 29, 2005


The country is under Martial Law again.

Many sectors have proclaimed that Martial Law, an undeclared one, has been in effect since early this year. Considering the utter silence of the government with respect to the numerous media killings, and the utter helplessness of the victims' families, one cannot see, hear, and feel that press freedom in the country has been put to chains.

To be chained does not necessarily mean that there are literally chains that entangle your arms and your legs. The utter silence that accompanies utter helplessness is enough for one to consider being chained, of having one's democratic rights being trampled upon.

So many of us are blinded by the elite's pronunciations that what ails the country, the social cancer that gnaws at our morality, is simply graft and corruption. All we need to do is to work together, to put aside our differences, and to hope for the best.


That's pure bull shit.

Does a cancer patient get well by simply taking lots of sleep, lots of vitamin C, and lots of water?

Does a cancer patient get well by simply continuing his/her work, unmindful of the malaise that not only gnaws at his/her body, but also at his/her spirit?

How do we deal with cancer cells?

Cancer cells are burned, sliced out, and taken away to rot. Cancer patients are exposed to lethal medicines (what a paradox) and lethal radiation, all to kill the cancer cells that are growing at the patients' expense.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lied outrightly, and apologized superficially for what she had called a "lapse in judgment." For all we care, what she did was a deliberate act to ensure her victory during the presidential elections. One can even take a wild spin and insinuate that she had a hand in the deaths of two presidentiables.

The elite has made their stand clear. They're keeping their hands off. They've outrightly sold their morality to an immoral, fake president.

We can't blame them. In these times of crises (the global oil price hikes, the global economic recession, the global gobbledygook that continues to sadden us), what they did was to simply protect their interests.

What they did was a matter of survival, which, considered in the light of what's happening to the country, was damned greedy.

Simply selfish.

However, what's totally sad is the utter silence that has met the daily barrage of controversy that shakes the very foundation of the country's executive branch of the government.

Why the apathy, fellow citizens? Why the utter silence? Have we forgotten our history? Are we simply cows being led to the slaughterhouse?

Let us shout. Let us oppose. Let us depose GMA and her cohorts.

Take care, people. We're under Martial Law now.

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