Monday, May 02, 2005


This is not about the Philippine counterpart of the Yahoo! search engine. This is about a feeling of elation, a feeling of satisfaction.

Yesterday, we (the core staff) met with the fellows for our group's first-ever poetry workshop. I am currently involved with an electronic group (how does one properly label such a group? =D) that's focused on creative writing.

Kinda felt weird when one's able to put faces on email addresses, he he he.

One of the group's first activities is to hold a basic poetry workshop among interested members. For a very, very minimal amount (since creative writing workshops usually charge beyond the thousand-peso scale), 12 to 15 fellows will interact with three established writers on the creative process. The fellows' poems will also be workshopped on-the-spot.

Whoa! I never really thought that we cannot pull this off. I am that CONFIDENT. By hook or by crook (of course, I hope that it's more on the "hook" side), this group will grow.

Although it still feels amazing when one does indeed pull off something as good as this, as great as this, as noble as this.

Yehey! and cheers to everyone, especially to you, Madam M. =D

Madam Mystery? we he he he... Fits you, though =D

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