Thursday, November 04, 2004

we choose

Fate. Destiny. Concepts that seem to be beyond man's control.
We determine our fate. We choose our destiny.
What we are is the result of the choices we've made as we make the arduous journey towards death. We are humans, not animals. Our capacity to think empowers us to transcend what we are--to fully harness our energies and talents into shaping a future we have created all by ourselves.
Indeed, there are coincidences and incidences that litter life's journey--experiences that are actually lessons in living. Thus, we must never forget our past to live in the present towards a future, which may be better or worse. What the future holds for us, we have prepared. We have created.
Every day is a new day, and each new day is a blank canves which we paint on, draw on with what we feel should make our day. We are fully responsible for our actions, whether they be made with free will or under duress; whether they be made with an enlightened mind or with a false consciousness.

I am master of my fate
I am captain of my soul.

-- Invictus by William Ernest Henley

When we try to decide, to alter what we believe is our destiny, we undergo paradigm shifts. And to change an outlook which one has nourished, nurtured, and held onto for so many years can be so distressing.
Devastating, actually.

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