Friday, October 08, 2004

I am Proletarian

The narrative that i would really like to transcend is this narrative of a life that plays out itself without distance, without boundary... without ever progressing to its totality. As if there was no sense in boarding an ordinary bus, feeling the muggy EDSA air lashing at your face, and all the while humming to yourself a silly old nursery rhyme like wan, litel tu, litel tri, litel indyans.

And at the back, a group of boys aged late twentys roar in laughter, as if freed from prison, as if freed from the pig sty--for in reality they have been freed from humdrum labor, from the daily ritual of chasing after subsistence wages--they who are the real creators of this society--they have all the right to roar in laughter.

I wish i were a real petty bourgeois, so that if someone slandered me with such insult, i would just back down and accept.

but no. i am proletarian. i am an old man at 26. by next year, i plan to die.

not in literal terms, for if we take this world literally, there'd be only insanity to take.

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